engyang County, Prosperity Mining Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of Lanshi Group, was founded in 2004, whose quartzite mining area is located in Dongping Hill. With a mining working area of 0.32 square kilometers and convenient transport to the urban asphalt highways, its total mining quartzite storage is 182.913 million tons. The annual mining volume and income is 1.2 million tons and more than 100 million yuan capturing an annual profit of 30 million yuan, after achieving the scale production.

We have advanced exploiting equipment, automatic discharge and transport devices, as well as professional mining executives and technicians who seriously abides by the People’s Republic of China’s Law for Mining Mountain Resources the People’s Republic of China’s Law for Mining Mountain Safety , accompanied by related environment pollution protection measures, effective mining running, cost management, safety control, environment monitoring and resource control systems, achieving the best exploit between the allocation of resource and effects .

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